About Us

At BH Shutters, we don’t just create interior wood shutters, we build unique stories and transform spaces into masterpieces. Founded in the heart of Houston, Texas, in 2009, we are a family-owned business rooted in a passion for exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to turn each project into a personal expression of style and elegance. We work with American materials, carefully selected to ensure the quality and durability our clients deserve. We are committed to providing an exceptional experience to each of our wholesale partners, designers and builders.

What sets us apart is our constant search for uniqueness. We understand that every space has its own story and personality. That’s why each Shutters we create is a unique piece that reflects the essence of the location and the client’s vision. From design to installation, we strive to capture the details that make each project special.

We offer a wide variety of options to customize your shutters. From different types of frames to a variety of louver sizes, our range of options allows you to create exactly what you have in mind. In addition, our opening configurations are tailored to your functional and aesthetic needs, ensuring a solution that not only looks stunning, but also performs flawlessly.

At BH Shutters, craftsmanship and dedication combine to create shutters that transcend time. Each piece is the result of collaboration between our expert craftsmen and your vision. We take pride in seeing our Shutters transform spaces into welcoming homes, elegant offices and captivating environments.

We invite you to explore our collection and be a part of this story of timeless elegance. Join us as we continue to create Shutters that make a difference, one project and one space at a time.

Welcome to BH Shutters – Where beauty and functionality come together in every wood shutter.

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