Our Premium Basswood Shutters

Handmade shutters made of high quality materials, which will enhance your spaces and projects, are installed in their own frame, their louvers can be tilted from fully closed to fully open, and at any angle in between, allowing you to control the light and air flow in the room.

They help you fall asleep; by fully closing the louvers, shutters minimize light and noise pollution in the room and give you a peaceful night’s sleep during the day and night, making them a popular choice for bedrooms.

They offer privacy without compromising light. By simply tilting the louvers, shutters prevent passersby from peeking in and allow light to flood the room.

They increase the value of the property; homes that have shutters give the impression of being well maintained, which increases the interest of prospective buyers, should a future sale occur.

Window plantation shutters look visually elegant and compliment all era buildings.


Special Shapes Available

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